For organisations who aspire to be data-insight led and are ready to invite feedback, explore the Inclusion Perception Gap, and drive tangible change.


A lack of meaningful data and understanding about the lived experiences of your people can result in misfocused initiatives, slow progress, and disappointing returns on culture change and people development solutions.

Our complimentary* Culture Diagnostic provides feedback on five aspects of your company 'ecosystem' and analysis of the data to understand how perceptions differ between levels of seniority, age, race, gender, disability and other characteristics.

Not only that, we'll also meet with you virtually to help you digest your comprehensive report and make data-informed decisions.  


What happens next?


How will it work?

*We feel passionately about the role data should play in people strategies and development solutions so we offer the Culture Diagnostics free of charge to organisations where it can add value. That means to those who i) have a commitment to drive positive culture change (no matter where you are on the journey) and ii) have no less that 250 staff so we can gather a significant enough data set to make reliable conclusions.

Rest assured all data is collected in alignment with our Privacy Policy. People data is collected anonymously and we confidentially create and share the organisation report with you only. All data is fully anonymised and aggregated for future analysis.

Step 1

We'll share a link and a unique code to capture perspectives of colleagues organisation-wide (with a guidance pack to support positioning and implementation.) 

Step 2

Once we have a usable data set, we will create a comprehensive, custom report highlighting key considerations for you and your organisation going forward.

Step 3

Our data analytics specialist, Jess Sandham, will meet with you and relevant stakeholders to help digest data and explore ideas to move forward in the right direction.

If you have any questions about the Culture Diagnostic, book a 15 minute express chat with our Head of Research, Growth and Transformation, Jess Sandham.

Why a Culture Diagnostic?

By implementing a Culture Diagnostic, you will be equipping decision-makers with reliable qualitative and quantitative data that will give you:

  • Clarity on the lived experiences of all your people.

  • An opportunity to pursue targeted people and process development initiatives that generate meaningful impact.

  • A chance to showcase an organisational commitment to asking for feedback and acting on it to evolve the workplace culture.

  • Benchmark data from which you can reliably measure the impact of future initiatives. 
What Does The Report Look Like?

The report is thorough and designed to explore all aspects of your company culture, but rest assured a specialist will meet with you to help you digest and prioritise key insights. 

Talk to us...

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We're here to talk about ideas and approaches for your organisation; drop us a note to book a virtual exploratory meeting. 


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